About Data Refuge

(from http://www.ppehlab.org/datarefuge)

DataRefuge is a public, collaborative project designed to address the following concerns about federal climate and environmental data:

  • What are the best ways to safeguard data?
  • How do federal agencies play crucial roles in data collection, management, and distribution?
  • How do government priorities impact data’s accessibility?
  • Which projects and research fields depend on federal data?
  • Which data sets are of value to research and local communities, and why?

DataRefuge is also an initiative committed to identifying, assessing, prioritizing, securing, and distributing reliable copies of federal climate and environmental data so that it remains available to researchers. Data collected as part of the #DataRefuge initiative will be stored in multiple, trusted locations to help ensure continued accessibility.

What Happens at a Data Rescue?

For a description of past Data Rescue events, please see:

Stories of Data Rescue Houston

Sponsors of Data Rescue Houston

Thank you to our sponsors:

  • Fondren Library, Rice University
  • Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology (K2I), Rice University
  • Office of Information Technology, Rice University
  • Center for Civic Leadership, Rice University
  • University of Houston Libraries
  • Sketch City

We are also grateful to EDGI and DataRefuge for their assistance with Data Rescue Houston.